Welsh Lady Preserves – Student Project

Theses concepts were created by myself as a college assignment and not as a result of any commercial request from Welsh Lady Preserves.

The brief was to rebrand a company called Welsh lady, the company as a whole wanted to relaunch their products to their existing customers but also wanted to branch out from Justin Wales to the entire UK, but still keeping that Welsh image about it.

The existing Welsh lady labels felt it didn’t hit the brief, the brief wanted something vibrant and new. I believe that the brief suited the particular concept I was going, which was post-modernism design, which would bring the company into new a light but also stick with the customers that has already got. For the concept that I chose for the brief meant that I had to eliminate some of the elements of the brief to fit the concept I had chosen.

In the end I believe this is a suitable design for the company, it is a risk but a good risk showing that the company is bold, and it knows that with this new label and gift box it shows that they are confident in the product as a whole and they know that their product is the best on the shelf.

(Student Project)