This project was a self cert brief, which meant that you could pick whatever subject you wanted as long as it was made in a typography aspect. I chose a subject of Fascism, because at the time it was coming up to the American president election, and I felt the runner-up Donald Trump known as present of the United States to date, had a lot of fascist statements in the campaign that he was leading.

The project was not just on the presidential election, it merely touched on it. The soul of the book was about fascism in 2016 comparing it to the past and how it has not changed but has got better at hiding itself, as a human being I would not want to be discriminated against by the colour of my skin or where my heritage came from, I believe every human being has that right, and this booklet was to show the fact that fascism is still out there on the streets, and work placements and even on television screens and it needs to stop.