This project was under the brief Lost In Translation, I took that as a bit of inspiration to my condition, which is dyslexia. I understood immediately that this is a project for me to show what dyslexia is like in the most creative way possible.

Dyslexia is, and when you tell people that your dyslexic, they do not take you seriously enough, it is fun to have a laugh about it, but it is a serious condition and it really affects the person as a whole.

The condition affects all aspects of the person’s view, it affects the hand coordination and there speech and movement. Now that is a lot for a condition that just affects your reading ability as it is perceived. If you can’t process words correctly that also affects your writing your speaking and your movement, so overall I wanted to design a booklet that showed the elements of dyslexia in a new light, paying respect to the old vision of dyslexia with the front cover.